The Consumer Psychology Handbook

Marco Basile
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Learn how brands like Four Sigmatic and Harry's built multi-million dollar brands by building a unique customer experience, leveraging consumer psychology.

Who is this for?

This is the ultimate resource for ambitious E-com founders, C-suite executives, and marketers who want to learn how to use consumer psychology principles to build a stellar customer experience.

What is included?

- Each principle includes a simple to-do checklist. This way, you can start applying everything you learn the same day you read it.

How it's made

Everything covered in the book is based on three core consumer psychology pillars:


People look for the minimum amount of effort possible to achieve their goal, and that's why the ratio between your product (value), which helps them achieve their goal, and the process to get it (delay) should always be positive.

In this section, you'll learn which are the psychological principles driving user's motivation leveraging emotions, colors, images, and more.


Friction is anything that prevents the customer from taking action. It's generated by all the hoops the visitor must jump through to complete the conversion goal.

A frictionless experience is the second pillar to build an amazing customer experience.


Proof is foundational to the user's motivation. Especially during the COVID-era, having a trustworthy website means dominating your niche for years to come.

Simply put, there is no other resource on the market that goes such in-depth about how subscription offers work.

What people have to say:

Meet the author

My name's Marco and I'm the founder of Relentless Systems, where we help CPG brands craft high-converting product pages and subscription offers, using consumer psychology principles.

Pretty early on, I realized almost all successful people have one thing in common.

They know exactly what they're good at and they build businesses around those skills.

Usually, these kinds of skills get picked up by accident and they don't even realize how lucrative they can be until years later.

And after years of my own dead ends and career changes, I finally figured out I was great at helping CPG companies scale—fast.

Now, I want to share my consumer psychology secrets with the rest of the world and I've put them all inside this book.

1 rating
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